Well, the heat is upon us here in Texas so that basically means less shop time. I did find a little time to try something way out of my "Comfort Zone". My Brides Grandfather has been on me for years to try my hand at a wood duck decoy. I recently gave it a shot. Looked all over online for a pattern, but had no luck. Without knowing if I would care for this kind of woodwork or not I was reluctant about dropping cash on a pattern book. So I did what any hard headed guy would do.... I just winged it...lol

Long story short this carving is a quick freehand interpretation of a pin tail duck picture I seen. This "Trial" piece is made of solid cedar and took me roughly around 5 hours to do. All in all I am somewhat satisfied with the result. The smile on my Brides Grandfathers face.... That made the attempt a home run in my book. Looks like I may see about trying more down the line. 

Moral of the story.... I suppose they are right... "You never know unless you try". Also, "Never let the fear of failure stop you from trying".



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