Sometimes life throws us curve balls. I personaly had a good one thrown to me lately and just now getting things back in line. Yesterday was the first day in well over a month I have been able to get out in the shop. I cant begin to express how great it felt to be back. The saw dust in the air, glue all over the work bench, and pile of stock turning into something... Ohhh fun times!

  Before my temporary hiatus I started working on a plainer cabinet for the shop. My back wasn't a huge fan of hoisting my monster 13" Delta plainer from its normal place under the cabinet to the bench. This cabinet is most definitely going to make my life a lot easier and become more efficient in the shop. 

  I wont go into a bunch of boring details about the cabinet, but I was able to get it glued up yesterday. I did discover installing drawers are a little more complicated than I I seen folks make it look easy. I apparently wasn't holding my mouth right there for a while. After a little time and effort I was able to get them installed and working properly... Score!

  Going to wrap things up on here so I can get back out there. I have some drawer facings, cabinet doors, and a bunch of sanding to do today. With any luck I will have something that resembles a cabinet rolling around the shop soon. 

  Thanks for taking the time to check in on me....


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