You know, if you walked through my home looking for pieces of work I have created in the last year and a half you may be surprised to see very little. Of course there is the jewelery box I made for my bride, little trinket boxes for my daughters, and my sad little "First Attempt" box I keep for myself. Other than that a majority of my work has been built for someone else. Now I am not bringing this up as a complaint in any way. I absolutely love building things for others. I honestly get great joy knowing I am building something that will become important (or even sentimental) to another person. Yea, I am a sap like that, but it is... what it is.

 Now I bring this up due to me having the shoe on the other foot recently. I recieved a message from a long time friend asking for my address. My old friend Chris said he had some old magazines he thought I would like, and wanted to send them to me. He also mentioned there will be a little surprise for my Bride and myself in the box as well. As a week goes by I forget about the gift coming from my Northern friend until I see a large box sitting on my front door step. 

  In this large box I first discover the magazines all stacked up nice and neat on the top. I drag out the bounty and begin looking through them thinking of how nice it was for Chris to send me these. Just then something in the box caught my eye. Looking into the brown paper stuffing's of the box I see wood. My first thought was "What in the world could that be?"

 After carefully pulling back the layers of packing, and removing it from the box I discover what the surprise my friend Chris was talking about.
  Not very often I find myself speechless, but I got to say I was really blown away by this incredible gift I recieved from an old friend. I gave him a call to thank him for everything, and he began to tell me how it came to be. He mentioned his shop time had been cut way down due to cold weather and he finally got down to the shop cleaning up after a long stent. "One minute I'm cleaning the shop and next thing I know I was building a box" is what he said to me. The real kicker that I  found very cool was he said that while building it he knew it was for me. You know... That is what it is all about.

 So you may ask "What does this have to do with my shop?". Well to me it means everything. Woodwork to many is a passion. Something we put our heart, and souls into. After seeing this awesome box and talking to the creator I knew this was a testament to that fact.

 Thanks again Chris. This was most definitely a treasured gift that has a new home on my kitchen counter top. Cant wait to return the favor.

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