Although my list of special keepsake projects keeps growing, I am finding my shop is less and less adequate or should I say efficient. Now this is in no way a complaint about my shop as a whole. I just need to reorganize a bit and change a few things to make life a little easier and more....

  So this weekend I began designing, building, and dreaming of shop upgrades that will make shop life in my world better. I started the ball rolling with my Vortex dust collector set up. After spending a couple of hours on Google Sketch Up I was able to throw together a much better way of keeping my dust collection all in one rolling cart and keep the foot print in my shop as small as possible.

  Still need to add the plumbing, assesory mounts, and the handle on the back... But I think I am rolling (get it? Rolling... Ok never mind) in the right direction.

  While I am finishing this new jewel up this week, and finishing up my local art compitition entry I will be putting the finishing touches on my router table/cabinet upgrade design. Hope to get fired up on it some time by the end of the week.

  Here is a little sneak peak of it. I am shooting for mobile, solid, organized, and use every ounce of storage possible with this cart. It will even incorperate my dovetail jig mounted on the side that will fold down when not in use.
  Well, its been a busy weekend, and looks like things are rolling in the right direction. Crossing my fingers I can get these projects out of the way pretty quick. Like I mentioned earlier... I have a long list of boxes stacking up on me.

  Take care and hope you have a great day.


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