Well, the temps are coming down to a tolerable level once again around my neck of the woods... Which means..... More shop time! I have had an opportunity to get a few projects done in the last month (which is a major accomplishment with the over 100 degree temps every day) but productivity in my shop has slowed way down. With the sudden change in weather we have experienced looks like I will be able to get back up to speed now. Which tickles the fire out of me.

  So whats been going on? Well, I took the plunge recently and will be entering a piece of my work in the woodworking category for our local Four States Fair this year. I have always wanted to put something of mine out there for the world to see and get a broader range of feedback. Putting your work in front of judges I suppose is definitely one way to do it. Although this may seem like not very much of a big deal to some, I have to be honest in saying it makes me a tad nervouse. Nothing to it, but to do it... Right?...lol

  I also have a couple of projects I need to get posted up here on the site. One in particular was a very special project I made for an incredibly talented woodworker, artist, and friend of mine. Need to upload that one soon.

  As far as projects going right now I actually have quite a few. With 5 unfinished boxes on the bench, a small cabinet needing doors, and countless small this and that's stacking up it looks like I will have my hands pretty full for a bit. At times it does seem a little overwhelming, but I think I can handle it. When ever I feel a little stacked up I can hear my adopted Dad's voice in my ear "Son, how do you eat an elephant?... One bite at a time" .... Those words have helped me countless times.

  Thanks for checking in on me...



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